Our Factories are well equipped with the latest state of the art Machinery imported from Japan, Singapore, Italy and also top quality indigenous machinery. A modern state-of-the-art machineries are available in-house to make sure that quality is always delivered at every stage of production. 
Stitching Division :-
       We have modernized stitching units and our all department  well experienced & skilled employees are working. The over lock and flat lock machines are from Pegasus-Japan and lock stitch are from Juki-Japan. All the machines are fixed with auto thread trimmer and dust collector.
Cutting Sections.

      Cutting Room is handled both manually (for stripes, Jacquards to get the stripes and design set in side seam) and also mechanically, i.e., Lay cutting of cloth by a cutting master to make consistent and sharp cuts.

   Checking Division :-

       The finished garment is then subject to a thorough check by skilled supervisors, even the smallest defect is not overlooked.

Ironing Division :-

       Pressing is the Final phase of production of the garment, which has been doing with latest machines. The garments are steam pressed and vacuum sucked in order to take away any excess moisture in the garment due to steaming. After pressing the garment goes for final packing.

Printing Division :-
Hebbecker - Fully Automatic Machine designed to meet the high quality, high-speed printing demands of the garmentdustry. It'sMaximum size : 70cm x 90cm, 4 Color flock with 8 Color printing. Daily production capacity 6,000 Pcs / Day.

Fabrics Printing Knitted, Woven & Polyester Fabrics to Print follwoing Types: Pigment Print, Non-PVC Print, Discharge Print, Flock Print, Glitter Print, Sugar Print, Beads Print, Phthalate Free, Sublimation Print, Thalate Free, Foil Print High-density Print Etc.,